RFID Solutions

Would you like to serialize and track and trace your products with RFID?

RFID Labels can easily streamline your manufacturing process,

  • Inventory Traceability – Tagging components, WIP and finished products with RFID tags provides real time visibility into manufacturing operations
  • Equipment Tracking & Monitoring Using RFID –Placing RFID tags on this equipment helps to locate lost or misplaced assets needed for production setup and execution.
  • Production Scheduling – Manufacturers are also using RFID to identify idle equipment.
  • Monitor Waste & Shrinkage – Tagging component inventory, WIP and finished goods helps manufacturers to monitor waste levels

Reduce Carrying Costs – RFID implementation improves data accuracy, by being able to reduce the costs of carrying surplus inventory.

Based on the type of Tag and chip number you use please send us your information for a  competitive quote today! (Pricing is based on quantity)

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