Smart Mirror LED- Advertising in Motion

Multi Tasking Advertising Mirrors!

These Smart Mirror Lightboxes can be used in the bathrooms of your Service Business and charge your suppliers for advertising time or advertise your in house specials! Great for Hotels, Shopping Malls, Bars, Restaurants and More!
This Mirror can produce effects such as colour changing, lightening gradually and darkening gradually and so on. When there is no further motion 1.2 to 2 m away detected, it will resume advertising on the full mirror space.

Uses a Standard Backlit Film Print- keeping in mind The overall Image size needs to be larger than the viewing size, In order to have a perfect fit and a great view of the image.

Happy to discount on quantity (5 plus)

Advertising can be changed up easily at any time!

Overall Size 25.4″×35.1″
Image Size 23.4″×33.1″
Viewing Size 23.0″×32.7″
AS SEEN in the Atlantic Inc.

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